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meet the editors

rcr editors are voted for and selected in a democratic process. while these are the editors of the magazine, there are also several other members of staff! if you see one of us around campus or east quad, come say hi and ask us about the rc review!

pronouns: they/she

hello! i’m laine and i'm an RC senior studying creative writing (mixed-genre) and arts & ideas in the humanities (image/text). i like all things artistic/creative and spend a lot of time doing film photography. outside of school, i'm a coffee nerd, so my at-home barista setup is excessive. i also have a bonsai tree named pietro who knows all my secrets and a pile of stuffed animals on my bed because no one is too old for comfort.


managing editor
pronouns: they/them

Hi! I'm Macie and I'm an RC Sophomore studying creative writing and linguistics with a minor in queer studies. When I'm not in class, you can find me at my job with the Spectrum Center, "studying" in the Union basement, talking about my dog, or tucked away somewhere writing. Feel free to ask me about my many, very carefully curated Spotify playlists (they are my greatest source of pride.) 


art editor

Ruby Howard is a student at the RC studying Social Theory and Practice, and is a total art freak. She loves the RC review, music, drawing, watching movies made for children, and is a big fan of mozzarella cheese. Ruby is currently the art editor for the RC review, and can’t wait to see the finished mag! 


prose editor
pronouns: she/her

hey there!! i am not a ghost i promise i’m a real girl i just forgot to write my bio in time i’m sorry elena :’)) i’m camille, a sophomore studying english + creative writing. I’m a proud (?) bad reality tv watcher, a hairless cat lover <3, and an avid reader (pls don’t ask me to name a single book i’ve ever read, though – i promise you i don’t remember). i also write for the michigan daily’s art section (!!) and am co-leader of the creative writing forum here in the rc. (i’m also notoriously bad at meeting deadlines…sorry elena).


finance manager
pronouns: she/her

Hi! My name is Taylor, and I'm a junior studying Psychology and Creative Writing and Literature. I'm involved in a variety of social justice and leadership orgs on campus, and I hope to go into social work after I graduate, specializing in mental health. In my free time, you can find me developing my crochet small business, singing random gibberish, and reading romance novels.

nicepicture (1)_edited_edited.png
poetry editor
pronouns: she/her

Hi! My name is Sarah, and I'm a junior studying Program in the Environment. When I'm not facetiming my dog or taking photos (of my dog), you can find me boogying at Zumba. I love one on one chats and am still hunting for the best cafe con miel in Ann Arbor, so reach out to me at if you want to connect


layout editor
pronouns: she/they

hi! i'm elena, i'm a sophomore double majoring in arts and ideas in the humanities, and english. you can find me around campus working as a library ambassador, and for michigan publishing! in my (very rare) spare time i'll probably be listening to a mcelroy brothers' podcast, getting up to antics in the union basement, playing with rollie pollies, or illicitly painting my dorm walls (not on the actual walls umich! please don't fine me)


smiling picture_edited.jpg
grammar editor
pronouns: she/her

Hey! I'm Ani, grammar editor of the RC Review! I'm a junior studying Arts & Ideas in the Humanities with a concentration in music, as well as Spanish. You can catch me playing my original tunes with my band, Ani Mari & Co, at venues around Ann Arbor and teaching yoga at Group X Sports!


social media editor

Hello there! My name is Gabby Sanchez :) I am a current sophomore with a major in Creative Writing and Literature with a focus in Digital Storytelling. I am also thinking about minoring in Business and/or Mandarin. I love all things Sanrio, self care and music, especially the double bass. Fun fact: I’ve played the double bass for almost 9 years! In my free time, I contemplate life and worship my crystal shrine. If you ever want to talk about any of the things I listed above or just to say hi, feel free to contact my personal email @ <3


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